Independent Study and Internship

The options and opportunities for independent study projects are virtually limitless. The Padnos International Center (PIC) has established a set of guidelines to follow in planning your independent study abroad experience. 

Independent study abroad may include the following:

  1. Service learning programs 
  2. Independent study courses
  3. Research projects
  4. Internship and work abroad
  5. Volunteer abroad
  6. Student Teaching (COST Program)

The Independent Study Guide & Checklist and the Faculty Supervisory Form will help guide you through the Independent Study process. 

If you are unsure if your selected program is considered independent study, please contact the Padnos International Center.

Your independent study abroad program is unique to you.  Learn how to reflect this difference and set yourself apart on your resume, during an interview, and through social media.  Check out the guides below and go get that job!


Page last modified March 11, 2014