Out-of-State Internships

Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE)
SURE participants participate in full time research for a summer (9.5 weeks) program, starting May 29 ending August 1, that provides laboratory, fieldwork and research skills in the broad area of biofuels research.
Students are paid a stipend of $5000 for the full summer and expected to work full time. Housing and tuition (if necessary, depending on location) are covered. All students will be participating in the poster session on August 1 in Pullman, WA.
More information and an application are available at the website: http://nararenewables.org/ed

Mote Marine Laboratory Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates:


In summer of 2013, Mote Marine Laboratory will host a 10-week, National Science Foundation-funded program
focused on providing research experiences in estuarine science to 10 undergraduate students. Students will be paired with Mote scientists and conduct research on major threats to estuaries such as aquatic pollution, natural toxins, habitat alteration, and coral reef decline. Students will gain experience in science communication by presenting the results of their independent project in a manuscript-style research paper and orally at a laboratory-wide poster presentation. Students will also attend research seminars, workshops on career skills in science, and may have the opportunity to present their research findings at professional conferences.

To be eligible for the Mote REU Program, students must be:
• U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. or its territories
• Currently enrolled in a degree program (full-time or part-time) leading to a baccalaureate degree. Students cannot have already graduated at the time of their internship.
• First-time REU participants
• Available for the duration of the program, May 26th-August 3rd (subject to change)

In addition, applicants must:
• Possess a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher (on a 4-point scale)
• Make efforts to receive academic credit for participation in the REU Program

- Students from minority groups underrepresented in science are strongly encouraged to apply –

Students participating in the REU program will receive:
• Stipend of $5,000 over the 10-week period
• Housing (paid by Mote)
• Support for transportation between Mote and their home institution

Students interested in applying to the 2013 Mote REU program can acquire information on the application
procedure from the program website, www.mote.org/reu, or by emailing reu@mote.org.

The deadline for applications is February 15, 2013.

Mote Marine Laboratory is an independent, nonprofit research laboratory that has been conducting marine
science research and education for over 55 years. Mote is located in Sarasota, Florida on a campus overlooking
Sarasota Bay, with direct access to the Gulf of Mexico. For additional information about Mote Marine
Laboratory & Aquarium, please visit www.mote.org.


Harvard Medical School Department of Genetics 2013 Summer Undergrad Internship:



Illinois Institute of Technology Research Experience of Undergraduates:



Collegiate Leaders in Environmental Health (CLEH) at CDC

http://www.cdc.gov/nceh/cleh/  paid 10-week summer environmental internship for undergraduate students who are passionate about the environment, interested in human health, and curious about how they are linked.


Nebraska Summer Research Program:

The 2013 Nebraska Summer Research Programis housed on the campus of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

The program offers students an excellent opportunity to hone research skills and to experience life as a graduate student. Students will enhance their academic resume, work closely with faculty and peers, and have fun with social and professional development activities, all while receiving numerous benefits. Students historically underrepresented in graduate education are especially encouraged to apply. Due to funding restrictions, participation is limited to U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

All programs for 2013 are listed here and include projects in Applied Mathematics, Bioenergy Systems, Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Nanomaterials and Nanoscience, Optics and Laser Physics, Redox Biology, and Virology. Our online application makes it easy for students to apply.

Priority review of applications begins Friday, Feb 1 and all applications are due by Friday, Feb 15


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