Current Issue, Summer 2014


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A seat at the table

It wasn’t until dinner was served that Mary Dailey Brown realized the women she saw preparing the food earlier in the day wouldn’t be joining her. She learned they weren’t allowed to eat at the table with the men and visiting mission workers.

Brown excused herself to take her meal in the kitchen with the cooks, the women who weren’t allowed a seat at the table. Today, she cites that moment that led her to realize the need for an international NGO with a goal to improve the lives and well-being of impoverished women in the developing world.

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Mary Dailey Brown

Deployment to enrollment

While stationed in Afghanistan for seven months from 2011-2012, Keith Eichholz wrote reports about information gathered in the field for his Marine Corps officers and others in the intelligence community.

“I took that job very seriously,” said Eichholz, a Marine Corps veteran. “I had to sift through a lot of information and decide what was important and present it in a concise, easy-to-read document.” He is one of 442 student veterans and service members who attended Grand Valley during the winter 2014 semester.

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Students dig program

Tatiana Kenny, an anthropology major from Belding, screened thick, black dirt for hours, looking for tiny pieces of Native American artifacts. She and her classmates participated in an archaeological dig at a farm in Allendale.

The students were part of a program that dates back to the founding years of Grand Valley. Students have traveled around the world for the past five decades uncovering traces of the past and studying the remains of ancient societies.

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Archaeology dig

Seeing double

In a crowd of 130, including many sets of identical twins, Brian Hereza was easy to spot. Rather than bringing his brother, Hereza brought a large photo of Andrew, who was out of town when student and alumni twins gathered in the Fieldhouse for a celebration and photoshoot.

The Herezas were among 103 sets of twins enrolled at Grand Valley. University Communications and Alumni Relations invited them all to a party. The event drew 200 people and featured appearances by President Thomas J. Haas and Louie the Laker.

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Brian Hereza

Karen Gipson

Q&A Karen Gipson

Professor of physics Karen Gipson wears several hats on campus: chair of the faculty governance body, faculty director for a living center designed for women students who are science, mathematics or engineering majors, professor and mentor to students who collaborate with her on research projects.

Gipson also wears the hat of stroke survivor. Read more here.