Johnson Center launches online clearinghouse of philanthropy education
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The Johnson Center for Philanthropy at Grand Valley State University is launching a free national online clearinghouse of information about philanthropy that’s designed to accelerate learning among newcomers to the field and change how learning happens in philanthropy.

The site,, will provide on-demand education about a wide range of topics in the field of philanthropy, from funding models to annual board to-do lists and much more.

The Johnson Center built the site around the concept that learning curves shouldn’t get in the way of smart philanthropy, and that the site should serve as a marketplace of knowledge and tools for grantmakers who are new to the field. 

Main sections of the site include the Philanthropy Ecosystem, Knowledge Library, and learning briefs, each with several subsections and an easy-to-use search feature so users can easily find topics of interest that they want to learn about.

For more information, visit or