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The Department of Philosophy offers both a Major and a Minor in Philosophy. The Department counts 22 full-time faculty members working in a variety of specialties. We have over 100 majors and over 90 minors.

The Department's international faculty is made of active scholars who are committed to undergraduate education. They are at Grand Valley to share their expertise in a wide variety of philosophical schools, national traditions, historical periods, and specialized areas of philosophical work.

The curriculum is designed to provide a foundation of solid understanding of the history of philosophy, but also to encourage students to pursue work in their own areas of interest. Formal coursework is only one part of the Philosophy student's education. Since inquiry and study are most fruitful when conducted in a vital community of fellow scholars, the Department is committed to offering a number of excellent learning opportunities that go beyond traditional classroom structures.


Spring and Summer Philosophy Courses 2014

Introduction to Philosophy - 31039 - PHI 101 - 01

Description: Inquiry into different perspectives on reality, reason, experience, and human excellence. Intensive reading of at least one classical text and its implications for life in the present. Fulfills Foundation - Philosophy and Literature. Allendale Campus; 3.000 Credits;

Attributes: Philosophy and Literature, Supplemental Writing Skills

Section Information:  TR 8:30 am -11:50 am; May 05 - Jun 18; Mackinac Hall B2116; Kelly A Parker (P);

Introduction to Philosophy - 31041 - PHI 101 - 02

Description:  Same as 101 01 except this section is not a SWS course

Attributes:: Philosophy and Literature

Section Information: Jun 23, 2014 - Aug 05, 2014; MW 12:00 pm - 3:20 pm; AuSable Hall 1320; Mark M Moes (P); Allendale Campus; 3.000 Credits

Ethics - 30877 - PHI 102 - 01

Description: What is good? What is evil? Are there objective standards for right and wrong? What are these objective standards? How can they be applied to important contemporary moral problems? This course considers the answers philosophers give to these and related questions. Fulfills Foundation - Philosophy and Literature. Allendale Campus; 3.000 Credits

Attributes: Philosophy and Literature

Section Information: Jun 23, 2014 - Aug 05, 2014; TR 6:00 pm - 9:20 pm; Mackinac Hall D1221; Dwayne A Tunstall (P)

SWS Ethics - 30878 –PHI 102 - 02

Description: Same as 102 01 except it is a SWS course;

Attributes: Philosophy and Literature; Supplemental Writing Skill

Section Information:: May 05, 2014 - Jun 18, 2014; MW; 8:30 am - 11:50 am; Mackinac Hall B1112; Phyllis VandenBerg (P)

Logic - 31052 - PHI 103 - 01

Description What does it mean to think clearly and correctly? What rules govern classification and definition? What is the nature of propositions? What are the rules for correct reasoning? How can we improve our reasoning skills? This course addresses these questions with the help of a standard textbook in classical logic. Prerequisite: MTH 110; Allendale Campus; 3.000 Credits;

Attributes: Mathematical Sciences

Section InformationJun 23, 2014 - Aug 05, 2014; TR  8:30 am - 11:50 am; Mackinac Hall B1114; Mark S Pestana (P)

Theories of Human Nature - 31057 - PHI 300 - 01

Description:  Survey of philosophical, scientific and religious conceptions of the human being, from past and present and from various cultures. Issues include meaning of life, destiny of humanity, relations between humans, human development and evolution, relations of humans to their creator/origins and to their environments and methodologies for investigating human nature. Prerequisite: Junior standing; Allendale Campus;3.000 Credits;

Attributes:  Issues-Identity

Section Information:  May 05, 2014 - Jun 18, 2014; 12:00 pm - 3:20 pm; Lake Ontario Hall 178; Regina C Fitzpatrick (P)

Ethics in Professional Life - 36625 - PHI 325 - 01

Description: Allendale Campus; 3.000 Credits; Examination of ethical principles and practice in business, medicine, education, law, and government. This course aims at providing students with the intellectual framework for an ethical analysis of situations which arise within various professions. Also seeks to foster mutual understanding across professional lines. Prerequisite: Junior standing.

Attributes:  Issues-Human Rights

Section Information: May 05, 2014 - Jun 18, 2014; TR  12:00 pm - 3:20 pm; Mackinac Hall B2118; John A Uglietta (P)


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