Teresa Castelão-Lawless, Professor.
Philosophy of Science, History of Science, French Epistemology, Sociology of Science and Technology.

Maria Cimitile, Associate Professor.
Continental Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy

Michael DeWilde, Associate Professor.
Tibetan Buddhism, Ethics, Service-learning.

Coeli Fitzpatrick, Associate Professor.
Medieval Philosophy, Islamic Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy.


Ronald Loeffler, Associate Professor.
Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind.

Mark Moes, Associate Professor.
Ancient Greek Philosophy, Hermeneutics, Natural Law Ethics, Philosophy of History.

Peimin Ni, Professor.

Modern Western Philosophy, Classical Chinese Philosophy, Metaphysics of Causation.

Kelly Parker, Professor.
American Philosophy, Environmental Philosophy, Phenomenology, Aesthetics.

Mark Pestana, Professor.
Ethics, Medieval Philosophy, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind.

Stephen Rowe, Professor.
Philosophy of Religion, Comparative Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophy of Education, Contemporary Philosophy.

Geling Shang, Associate Professor.
Taoism, Buddhism, History of Chinese Philosophy and Religion, 19-20th Century Continental Philosophy.

Andrew Spear, Associate Professor
Epistemology, Metaphysics

Dwayne Tunstall, Associate Professor
Continental Philosophy, American Philosophy. Philosophy of Religion

John Uglietta, Associate Professor and Chair.
Ethics, Law, Philosophy of Mind.

Phyllis (Peggy) Vandenberg, Professor.
Ethics, Teaching Philosophy, Hume's Moral Theory.

David Vessey, Associate Professor.
19th and 20th Century Continental Philosophy

Judy Whipps, Associate Professor.
American Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy, Philosophy of Education.

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