Spring Consultants


Brandan Bilski

Student Director of the Lab, Brandan is a Senior majoring in Philosophy.  He is an avid orator with an extensive history in speaking. Captain of the debate team in high school Brandan has traveled nationally as a policy debator. An opera singer and activist, the passion for speaking and presentation permeates his work well beyond his efforts as a student here at GVSU.

Specialties: Video, Argumentation



Jordan Boze

Jordan is a senior majoring in Broadcasting. Jordan is actively serving as the Sports Director for GVSU's student run television station GVTV. Jordan loves to play sports in addition to covering them and also enjoys playing video games. This will be Jordan's third year with the Speech Lab and while he claims he does not get nervous for speeches you can bet that his heart races every time he has to give a speech or presentation.

Specialties: Video, Group Presentations,



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