The Speech Lab is located in 240 Lake Superior Hall. Appointments are available in the Lab and in the Mary Idema Pew Knowledge Market.

To schedule an appointment go to:  Drop-in appointments may be available from 6pm-midnight Sunday through Thursday in the Knowledge Market.


If there are no appointments available that fit in your schedule, email  to arrange your appointment. In the subject line, please write: "Appointment Request."  In the text of your email please include your name, the class and assignment you would like to consult on and the time/day of your desired appointment. Please note that the likelihood of getting an appointment outside of scheduled hours is greatly increased if the request is made 48 hours in advance.


Do you need a video recording of your speech? We can do that. When you schedule your appointment select a consultant with "video" listed as one of their specialties. When you come for your session, bring a flash drive.

Are you practicing a group presentation? The Knowledge Market practice spaces are especially designed for group presentations.

Any other questions? please email the Speech Lab at

Page last modified February 11, 2014