Technology Commercialization is the transfer and marketing of knowledge and discoveries to the public.

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Introduction to Technology Commercialization

  • What is Technology Commercialization?
  • How is Technology Commercialized?
  • What is the Bayh-Dole Act?
  • How long does the Technology Commercialization process take?
  • Why would a researcher want to participate in the Technology Commercialization process?
  • How can I help in this process?
  • What is GVSU Technology Commercialization?
  • How do I work with the GVSU TCO?
  • What are the typical steps in the process?


  • What about consulting?
  • May I use material or intellectual property from others in my research?
  • Will I be able to share materials, research tools or intellectual property with others to further their research as part of a research collaboration?
  • What rights does a research sponsor have to any discoveries associated with my research?
  • Will I be able to publish the results of my research and still protect the commercial value of my intellectual property?


  • What can I expect to learn from a meeting with the TCO during this stage of the process?
  • What are the factors I should consider prior to filing an Invention Disclosure with the TCO?

Invention Disclosure

  • What is an Invention Disclosure?
  • Why should I submit an Invention Disclosure?
  • How do I know if my discovery is an invention?
  • When should I complete an Invention Disclosure?
  • Should I disclose research tools?
  • How do I submit an Invention Disclosure?


  • How does GVSU assess Invention Disclosures?
  • If the inventors believe that the invention should be licensed non-exclusively to all potential users for the public good, will the university honor our request?
  • How do we decide whether to commercialize with a traditional or an "open source" license for software?
  • Is an invention ever assigned to an Inventor?


Marketing to Find or Firm a License

Form a Start-Up Venture





Navigating Conflict of Interest

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