Recreation Center Expansion

On Friday February 13th, Grand Valley State University voted in favor of moving forward with a Recreation Center expansion. Construction is set to begin in the Summer of 2015 with the goal of opening the expanded area in the Fall of 2016. This expanded area will encompass roughly 17,000 additional square feet to the existing Recreation Center.

Expansion Features

Below you will see notable features pertaining to the Recreation Center project.  As more of the project information is finalized we will post the updates. 

  • 17,000 square feet of additional space
  • Expanded cardio space
  • Expanded weight space (both selectorized and free-weight)
  • New spin room
  • New and improved stretching/functional workout space
  • Additional cubbies for storage of personal belongings
  • More information to come!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Grand Valley State University move forward with this project? 

Due to the increased demand for space in the current Recreation Center, the addition was designed to provide more informal open recreation opportunities for our student population. With the growth of GVSU came the growth of Recreation Center usage and coinciding crowd levels. This expansion will give students more opportunities for informal recreation. 

When does the construction start? 

Summer of 2015

What are the amenities of the Recreation Center expansion? 

See the above section entitled "Expansion Features". This project will include 17,000 square feet of additional space. This addition will allow for expanded weight space, cardio space, and functional/stretching space.  

What will the new and improved Recreation Center layout look like? 

The interior layout is in the design phase, but initial plans suggest the following may be possibilities: the existing cardio room and lower selectorized weight room will become all cardio space, the existing free-weight room will become a stretching/functional fitness space, and the new construction will contain expanded free-weight space and selectorized weight space. The Recreation Center office suite, basketball/volleyball courts (including the South Gym), and the Recreation Center front desk will all remain unchanged in this phase. 

How is this project being funded?

This project is being funded by the Grand Valley State University Campus Development Fund.  

What will the building hours be during construction? 

Building hours will be similar to the current Recreation Center hours.  Throughout the majority of the construction process the existing Recreation Center operations and services will not be altered.  There may however be times that certain areas of the Recreation Center will be offline.  As more information is known we will be sure to inform everyone on any temporary changes in our operations moving forward.

What companies are you working with to complete the expansion?

We are working with Integrated Architecture, Hastings+Chivetta, and Erhardt Construction.

Who do I contact for more information on this project?

Please see the below section entitled "Questions or Comments on the Expansion". 

Questions or Comments on the Expansion

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Recreation Center expansion please go to the Comment Card section of our website and let us know your thoughts.  Be sure to put your contact information down if you would like us to get back to you regarding your feedback.  Thank you!