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Winter 2014
Office Hours

Mary Banghart Therrien, LMSW
Assistant Professor

Wed: 10am-1pm
Thurs: 3-6pm

Scott Berlin, Ph.D., LMSW
Director, BSW Program
Assistant Professor

Mon: 11am-5pm

Patty Stow Bolea, Ph.D., LMSW
Associate Professor
Mon: 10am-2pm
Tues: 10am-12pm
Joan Borst, Ph.D, LMSW, CSW
Associate Professor

Mon: 10am-2pm
Tues: 9am-12pm

Douglas Chung, Ph.D., LMSW

Not Available Winter Semester

Dorothea Epple, Ph.D., LCSW
Assistant Professor
Traverse City Program
Dianne Green-Smith, Ph.D., LMSW, ACSW
Director, School Of Social Work
Associate Professor

By Appointment Only

Lihua Huang, Ph.D., LMSW

By Appointment Only Winter Semester

Jerry Johnson, Ph.D., LMSW
Associate Professor


Jamie Langlois, LMSW
Affiliate Professor
Director,  Social Work Continuing Education

Mon: 1-5pm By Appt.
Thurs: 3-5pm By Appt.

David Lehker, LMSW

Tues and Thurs: 9am-12pm

Paola Leon, LMSW
Assistant Professor

Wed: 10am-3pm

Salvador Lopez Arias, Ph.D., LMSW
Assistant Professor
Director, MSW Program

Tues: 10am-12pm and 1-2pm By Appt.

Steven McCleary, LMSW, CAAC, ADS
Visiting Professor
Tues: 10am-12pm
Wed: 11am-3pm
Cray Mulder, Ph.D., LMSW
Assistant Professor

Mon and Tues: 12-3pm

Lois Smith Owens, MSW

Thurs: 10am-5pm By Appt. Only

Debbie Ronk, MSW, LMSW
MSW Field Education Coordinator

Mon: 12-3pm
Tues: 9-11am
Wed: 2-4pm
Thurs:  12-3pm

Katie Scheuerle, MSW, LMSW
BSW Field Education Coordinator
Mon: 12-3pm
Tues: 10am-2pm
Wed: 12-3pm
Thurs: 3-4pm
Elaine Ragsdale Schott, Ph.D., LMSW

Mon: 1-3pm By Appt Only
Tues: 10-11am By Appt Only

Shelley Schuurman, Ph.D., LMSW
Assistant Professor

Mon: 1-3pm
Thurs: 11am-3pm

Robin L. Smith Colton, Ph.D., LMSW, ACSW, QCSW
Associate Professor

Mon: 12-3pm
Thurs: 12-3pm

Steven L. Smith, Ph.D., LMSW
Associate Professor

Tues: 12-3pm By Appt Only
Thurs: 10:30am-3pm By Appt Only

Brandon Youker, Ph.D., LMSW

Mon: 3-7pm
Thurs: 7:30-11:30am


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